Responsible Gaming at Fairplay India

Bookmaker’s office Fairplay India and its software as Fairplay app strive to provide the highest level of security, as well as compliance with the principles of responsible gaming for all users. The reliability of the site, security of personal data, and funds on accounts are ensured by a multi-level encryption system, verification, as well as random checks. Various rules and restrictions are in place to comply with the responsible gaming policy:

  • Registration is only available to users of legal age;
  • Each player can have no more than one account;
  • Random identity checks are performed on a regular basis. In this case a verification is initiated;

Fairplay adheres the principles of responsible gaming.

Basic information

We remind every user that sports betting and gambling, in general, can be addictive and damaging to those who cannot control themselves. Betting should not be taken as a way to make money. It is pure entertainment.

To determine how susceptible you are to gambling addiction, answer a few questions for yourself:

  • How much you are into sports betting;
  • Do you feel annoyed and anxious when you can’t bet;
  • Do you often spend more time playing the game than you originally planned to;
  • Do you spend money, the loss of which is detrimental to the family budget;
  • Does your passion for betting affect your relationships with the people around you?

Based on the responses, we can conclude about the risks of gambling addiction.

Please read the information on how to safely place bets on Fairplay and avoid losing money without control.

How to Deal with the Addiction to Cheating?

To minimize your risks and protect yourself from addiction, follow these guidelines:

  • Play only with the money you are willing to lose. Never spend borrowed money on bets, and don’t risk a large portion of your budget;
  • Determine in advance the time you are willing to spend on the game. It is especially important to do this when playing in an online casino;
  • Determine also the amount of money, after the loss of which you need to stop;
  • Control your emotions. If you feel anger or a strong desire to win back, stop betting for a while.

If necessary, you can use self-restriction and self-exclusion services. To do this, contact the support service, and restrictions will be temporarily imposed on your account. They may be concerned about both access to the functionality of the bookmaker’s office and the number of deposits. You can also pick up the addresses and phone numbers of specialized organizations dedicated to helping people who suffer from addiction to cheating.

Read our advice on how to fight the addiction.

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