Anti-Fraud in Fairplay India

Fairplay India operates under an official license issued by the Curacao Gaming Commission. This, as well as the brand’s own policies, are aimed at providing maximum security and guaranteeing fair gaming for all users. We contribute in every possible way to maintain the principles of fair play, counteracting money laundering, and any other types of fraud. You can be sure that your confidential data is completely safe, as well as financial transactions.

To ensure an increased level of payment security, we have partnered with many well-known payment systems in India and around the world. In addition, the site has a secure SSL certificate, and the application uses encryption algorithms. Even in case of data leakage malefactors won’t be able to decrypt it and find out customers’ payment and personal information.

Anti Fraud rules and principles of Fairplay.

Main rules and restrictions

In parallel with our internal security measures, we assist law enforcement authorities in investigating violations. In addition, in accordance with our anti-fraud policy, we comply strictly with all legal requirements of the countries in which we operate.

A high level of security is also ensured by the following measures and restrictions:

  • Selective and mandatory verification of user accounts;
  • Confirmation of phone number and email;
  • Automated analysis of clients’ playing style;
  • Automatic verification of financial transactions according to dozens of criteria;
  • Selective safety checks.

In case of suspicion of money laundering, the Fairplay administration has the right to suspend the account of a potential violator and initiate an investigation. If the fact of fraud is confirmed, the personal data of such a user may be handed over to law enforcement authorities. We encourage players not to violate the rules of the site and the law, and if a player is suspected of fraud, to report it to support.

Together with the internal security system, Fairplay cooperates with law enforcement agencies in the investigation of violations, strictly complies with local laws.

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