IND vs ENG Test Series India vs. England Results Score Feb 23, 2024

Test Series India vs. England

JSCA International Stadium Complex






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  • 89.6
    On a good length, pitching outside off. Root moves onto the front foot but lets it pass through to the keeper untouched
  • 89.5
    Jaiswal pitches one up, pitching outside leg stump. Root moves onto the front foot, and is hit on the pads while trying to play a defensive stroke. India appeal, but umpire RJ Tucker gives Root not out.
  • 89.4
    Good length, pitching outside off stump. OE Robinson pushes forward and slices a cut for 1 run.
  • 89.3
    FOUR! Short of a length, on a good line again. OE Robinson creates room and skies a pull for 4 runs.
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